Social satire on a Communist country with a generous dose of fable and fairy-tale added An original and unusual novel, the work of a wise and gentle man.
Times Literary Supplement

A combination of surrealistic fantasy and satire, with a view into the realities of political and social life, the book contains masterful array of playful plot devices. Szechter's novel is complex, but the story itself is as deceptively simple, and as enjoyable, as a folk-tale.
Publishers Weekly

Readers familiar with the unique style of satiric fable should welcome this brilliant contribution to the genre Szechter's book combines fantasy, satire, mounting terror, and a ringing defiance of oppression.
American Library Association's Booklist

Szechter's eloquent tale deserves a place in academic collections and larger public libraries.
Library Journal

There is an extraordinary scene in Buñuel's Phantom of Liberty in which a couple take their 'lost' child with them to the police station to declare her missing, and the sergeant takes down her description by looking at her.

A similarly bizarre technique is used to equally dreamlike effect in the last novel of the Polish emigré, Szymon Szechter – a witty attack on the workings of the Communist State.
Jewish Chronicie

Good entertainment to readers who enjoy having a chuckle over problems that more often evoke ponderous prose, vituperation, or the savagery of Swiftian satire.
Slavic Review


A Stolen Biography
(Czas zatrzymany do wyjaśnienia)
Translated by Frances Carroll
and Nina Karsov
Illustrated by
Andrzej Krauze
Second edition, hardback
174 pages
ISBN-10: 0-907652-16-6
ISBN-13: 978-0-907652-16-8
(out of print)